Lodge School Celebrates All Round Excellence

Fri, 16 Mar 2018

Lodge Group of Schools is proud to announce that we have once again upheld our tradition of all-round excellence with the 2017 SPM examinations.

- 53 students (42% of the cohort) obtained 7As or better.
- With a GPS (Gred Purata Sekolah) of 2.38, this places us THIRD in the state of Sarawak in terms of SPM achievement.
- English Language continues to be our niche, with 97% of the students scoring A- or better. We continue to have a strong showing for Mathematics and the Sciences.
- We also celebrate the achievements of our outstanding athletes, some of whom spent a large part of their examination year representing Sarawak and Malaysia.
- Other students have also shown themselves to be models of excellence as they dedicated much time to service learning, and some also went on to achieve outstanding results in two different examinations

Thank you, to all the teachers, for laying the foundation for success; to the parents, for being effective partners of the school, and the students, for always doing your best. 

Learn, Persevere, Succeed.